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    The Genetics of Language.Lyle Jenkins - 1979 - Linguistics and Philosophy 3 (1):105 - 119.
    Within the context of the study of the genetics of language, Chomskian laws of grammar, such as theStructure-dependence Condition and theA over A Condition, may be usefully regarded to have a status similar to that of Mendelian Laws in classical genetics. In both the case of Chomsky's Laws and Mendel's Laws, formal genetic principles are postulated which abstract away from the physical mechanisms involved and in both cases certain apparent counterexamples mirror a more complex underlying genetic organisation.
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    Variation and Universals in Biolinguistics.Lyle Jenkins - 2004 - Brill.
    Offers an overview of work on the biology of language - what is sometimes called the "biolinguistic approach." This book focuses on the interplay between variation and the universal properties of language. It provides case studies from the areas of syntactic variation, genetic variation, neurological variation and historical variation.
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    Pidgins, Creoles, and Universal Grammar.Lyle Jenkins - 1984 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 7 (2):196.