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    Beyond Whitehead: Recent Advances in Process Thought.Jakub Dziadkowiec & Lukasz Lamza (eds.) - 2017 - Lexington Books.
    Beyond Whitehead brings the reader up to date with the latest developments in process philosophy, concerning the study its basic concepts and their roots, and its potential extensions and revisions.
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    How Many Kingdoms of Life? Eukaryotic Phylogeny and Philosophy of Systematics.Lukasz Lamza - 2019 - Philosophical Problems in Science 66:203-227.
    According to contemporary understanding of the universal tree of life, the traditionally recognized kingdoms of eukaryotic organisms—Protista, Fungi, Animalia and Plantae—are irregularly interspersed in a vast phylogenetic tree. There are numerous groups that in any Linnaean classification advised by phylogenetic relationships would form sister groups to those kingdoms, therefore requiring us to admit them the same rank. In practice, this would lead to the creation of ca. 25-30 new kingdoms that would now be listed among animals and plants as “major (...)
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