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    Twenty Years of European Business Ethics – Past Developments and Future Concerns.Luc Van Liedekerke & Wim Dubbink - 2008 - Journal of Business Ethics 82 (2):273-280.
    Over the past 20 years business ethics in Europe witnessed a remarkable growth. Today business ethics is faced with two challenges. The first comes from the social sciences and consultants who have both reclaimed the topics of business ethics, regretfully often at the loss of the proper ethical perspective. The second comes from the remarkable rise of corporate social responsibility which has pushed aside the mainstream business ethics methodology with its emphasis on moral deliberation by the individual. These challenges can (...)
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    CSR, Transparency and the Role of Intermediate Organisations.Wim Dubbink, Johan Graafland & Luc Liedekerke - 2008 - Journal of Business Ethics 82 (2):391-406.
    Transparency is a crucial condition to implement a CSR policy based on the reputation mechanism. The central question of this contribution is how a transparency policy ought to be organised in order to enhance the CSR behaviour of companies. Governments endorsing CSR as a new means of governance have different strategies to foster CSR transparency. In this paper we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of two conventional policy strategies: the facilitation policy and the command and control strategy. Using three criteria (...)
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    The Ethics of Insider Trading Revisited.Peter-jan Engelen & Luc Liedekerke - 2007 - Journal of Business Ethics 74 (4):497-507.
    Following Manne (1966, Insider Trading and the Stock Market (New York, Free Press)) we introduce a distinction between insider trading and market manipulation on the one hand and corporate insiders versus misappropriators on the other hand. This gives rise to four types of alleged inside transactions. We argue that the literature on insider trading has often targeted inside transactions type II, III and IV but that these arguments do not necessarily hold for type I transactions. We look for consequentionalist as (...)
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    When do Firms Invest in Corporate Social Responsibility? A Real Option Framework.Luc Liedekerke, Peter-Jan Engelen & Danny Cassimon - 2016 - Journal of Business Ethics 137 (1):15-29.
    In this paper, the process for firms to decide whether or not to invest in corporate social responsibility is treated from a real option perspective. We extend the Husted framework with an important extra parameter that allows us to understand the timing of CSR investment and explain why some companies drag their feet over CSR investments. Our model explicitly allows for the impact of the opportunity cost of delaying the CSR investment decision, providing firms with tools to determine the optimal (...)
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    A Neo-Kantian foundation of Corporate Social Responsibility.Wim Dubbink & Luc Liedekerke - 2009 - Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 12 (2):117-136.
    Abstract‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is conceptualized in many ways. We argue that one cannot be indifferent about the issue of its conceptualization. In terms of methodology, our position is that any conceptual discussion must embed CSR in political theory. With regard to substance, we link up with the discussion on whether CSR must be defined on the basis of a tripartite or a quadripartite division of business responsibilities. We share A.B. Carroll’s intuition that a quadripartite division is called for as (...)
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    Media ethics: From corporate governance to governance, to corporate social responsibility.Luc van Liedekerke - 2004 - Communications 29 (1):27-42.
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    Ethics in and of Global Organizations: The EBEN European Business Ethics Network Special Issue from the 19th Annual Conference, Vienna, Austria.Thomas Maak & Luc Liedekerke - 2007 - Journal of Business Ethics 74 (4):301-301.
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    Penser la justice entre les générations: De l'affaire Perruche à la reforme des retraites, Axel Gosseries. Collection Alto, Flammarion, Paris, 2004, 320 pp. [REVIEW]Luc Van Liedekerke - 2006 - Economics and Philosophy 22 (2):296-299.