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    Individual, Family, and Societal Dimensions of Genetic Discrimination: A Case Study Analysis. [REVIEW]Lisa N. Geller, Joseph S. Alper, Paul R. Billings, Carol I. Barash, Jonathan Beckwith & Marvin R. Natowicz - 1996 - Science and Engineering Ethics 2 (1):71-88.
    Background. As the development and use of genetic tests have increased, so have concerns regarding the uses of genetic information. Genetic discrimination, the differential treatment of individuals based on real or perceived differences in their genomes, is a recently described form of discrimination. The range and significance of experiences associated with this form of discrimination are not yet well known and are investigated in this study. Methods. Individuals at-risk to develop a genetic condition and parents of children with specific genetic (...)
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    The Double-Edged Helix: Social Implications of Genetics in a Diverse Society.Joseph S. Alper, Catherine Ard, Adrienne Asch, Peter Conrad, Jon Beckwith, American Cancer Society Research Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Jon Beckwith, Harry Coplan Professor of Social Sciences Peter Conrad & Lisa N. Geller - 2002
    "Bringing the concerns of different communities together in a single volume makes it possible to appreciate the mosaic of human issues more fully and forces us to anticipate the challenges that may arise -- and that will require our attention -- as the genetic revolution proceeds." -- JAMA "A cautious look at the effects of genetic discoveries on society... The issues raised by this book are valid, and all scientists should be aware of them. I often found myself nodding in (...)
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    Commentary on “Seeds of Discontent: Expert Opinion, Mass Media Message, and the Public Image of Agricultural Biotechnology” (Priest and Gillespie).Lisa N. Geller - 2000 - Science and Engineering Ethics 6 (4):541-542.
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    Commentary on “the Social Responsibilities of Biological Scientists” (S. J. Reiser and R. E. Bulger).Jonathan Beckwith & Lisa N. Geller - 1997 - Science and Engineering Ethics 3 (2):145-148.
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    Exploring the Role of the Research Integrity Officer: Commentary on ‘Seven Ways to Plagiarize: Handling Real Allegations of Research Misconduct’.Lisa N. Geller - 2002 - Science and Engineering Ethics 8 (4):540-542.
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    The Role of Databank Managers as Guardians of Public Interests: Commentary on "Strategies for Consulting with the Community: The Cases of Four Large-Scale Databanks".Lisa N. Geller - 2004 - Science and Engineering Ethics 10 (3):479-480.