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    Theory and methodology of empirical ethics : a pragmatic hermeneutic perspective.Guy Widdershoven & Lieke van der Scheer - 2008 - In Empirical Ethics in Psychiatry. Oxford University Press.
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    The Benefits of Patient Involvement for Translational Research.Lieke van der Scheer, Elisa Garcia, Anna Laura van der Laan, Simone van der Burg & Marianne Boenink - 2017 - Health Care Analysis 25 (3):225-241.
    The question we raise in this paper is, whether patient involvement might be a beneficial way to help determine and achieve the aims of translational research and, if so, how to proceed. TR is said to ensure a more effective movement of basic scientific findings to relevant and useful clinical applications. In view of the fact that patients are supposed to be the primary beneficiaries of such translation and also have relevant knowledge based on their experience, listening to their voice (...)
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    Giving Voice to Patients: Developing a Discussion Method to Involve Patients in Translational Research.Marianne Boenink, Lieke van der Scheer, Elisa Garcia & Simone van der Burg - 2018 - NanoEthics 12 (3):181-197.
    Biomedical research policy in recent years has often tried to make such research more ‘translational’, aiming to facilitate the transfer of insights from research and development to health care for the benefit of future users. Involving patients in deliberations about and design of biomedical research may increase the quality of R&D and of resulting innovations and thus contribute to translation. However, patient involvement in biomedical research is not an easy feat. This paper discusses the development of a method for involving (...)
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    A response to Levitt and Molewijk.Lieke van der Scheer & Guy Widdershoven - 2004 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 7 (1):89-91.
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    Integrated empirical ethics: Loss of normativity? [REVIEW]Lieke van der Scheer & Guy Widdershoven - 2004 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 7 (1):71-79.
    An important discussion in contemporary ethics concerns the relevance of empirical research for ethics. Specifically, two crucial questions pertain, respectively, to the possibility of inferring normative statements from descriptive statements, and to the danger of a loss of normativity if normative statements should be based on empirical research. Here we take part in the debate and defend integrated empirical ethical research: research in which normative guidelines are established on the basis of empirical research and in which the guidelines are empirically (...)
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