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    Rethinking Homo Economicus in the Political Sphere.Lev Marder - 2018 - Constellations 25 (3):329-343.
  2.  22
    Examination of Practices of Ignorance Conducive to Democracy Based on Rancièrian Thought and Rortian Pragmatism.Lev Marder - 2016 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 42 (8):797-814.
    Theorists, who broadly subscribe to Claude Lefort’s characterization of democracy as the dissolution of the markers of certainty, disagree over the proper enactment of democracy. In this article, I consider the possibility of narrowing the gap by attending to the ignorance advocated by each of the two approaches – the disruptive radical route Jacques Rancière describes and the reformist approach of Richard Rorty. I highlight the attributes and shortcomings of the positive link between practices of ignorance and democracy in the (...)
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    Adam Smith: So What If the Sovereign Shares in Ignorance?Lev Marder - 2018 - Journal of International Political Theory 14 (1):20-40.
    Unfortunately, Adam Smith’s undeserved legacy as a proponent of laissez-faire and liberal institutions at the international scope inhibits profiting from his refined analysis of international affairs. I argue that the Wealth of Nations’ chapter on colonies contains Smith’s discussion of the sovereign’s adaptation to ignorance in global politics. I examine the sense in which the sovereign is ignorant according to Smith and how sovereigns adapt to ignorance with varying success. His comparative analysis suggests that reduction of one’s share in ignorance (...)
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