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    When Is There a Sustainability Case for CSR? Pathways to Environmental and Social Performance Improvements.Mika Kuisma, Leena Lankoski, Jette Steen Knudsen, Jukka Rintamäki & Minna Halme - 2020 - Business and Society 59 (6):1181-1227.
    Little is known about when corporate social responsibility leads to a sustainability case. Building on various forms of decoupling, we develop a theoretical framework for examining pathways from institutional pressures through CSR management to sustainability performance. To empirically identify such pathways, we apply fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis to an extensive dataset from 19 large companies. We discover that different pathways are associated with environmental and social performance improvements, and that pathways to success and failure are for the most part not (...)
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    The Sustainability Promise of Alternative Food Networks: An Examination Through “Alternative” Characteristics.Sini Forssell & Leena Lankoski - 2015 - Agriculture and Human Values 32 (1):63-75.
    Concerns about the unsustainability of the conventional food system have brought attention to so called alternative food networks, which are widely thought to be more sustainable. However, claims made about AFNs’ sustainability have been subject to a range of criticisms. Some of them present counterevidence, while others have pointed to problematic underlying features in the academic literature and popular discourse that may hamper our understanding of AFNs’ sustainability. Considering these criticisms, together with the fact that the literature often addresses a (...)
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    Stakeholder Judgments of Value.Leena Lankoski, N. Craig Smith & Luk Van Wassenhove - 2016 - Business Ethics Quarterly 26 (2):227-256.
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    Navigating the Tensions and Agreements in Alternative Food and Sustainability: A Convention Theoretical Perspective on Alternative Food Retail.Leena Lankoski & Sini Forssell - 2017 - Agriculture and Human Values 34 (3):513-527.
    Concerns about the unsustainability of the conventional food system have promoted interest in alternative food networks, which are typically conceptualized through their differences from conventional food networks. Real-life AFNs, however, tend to show some similarities to the conventional food system. This hybridity has caused some criticism, but also, increasingly, calls for a more open examination of AFNs. Indeed, AFNs can be seen as relational to and shaped by the prevailing food system, for example the expectations the conventional system has promoted (...)
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