1.  89
    Jeremy Bentham's Writings on Sexual Non-Conformity: Utilitarianism, Neo-Malthusianism, and Sexual Liberty.Lea Campos Boralevi - 1983 - Topoi 2 (2):123-148.
  2. Trait'e de la Propri'et'e E Il Carteggio Con Bentham E Dumont Testi Inediti.Andrâe Morellet, Jeremy Bentham, Etienne Dumont, Eugenio Di Rienzo & Lea Campos Boralevi - 1990 - Centro Editoriale Toscano.
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  3.  11
    James Harrington's ‘Machiavellian’ Anti-Machiavellism.Lea Campos Boralevi - 2011 - History of European Ideas 37 (2):113-119.
    In the last thirty years historians of republicanism have offered us the image of Harrington as the true hero of Machiavellism. This paper suggests instead that Harrington adopted Machiavelli's method in political science, but shared only few of his master's values, often referring to those cherished in anti-Machiavellian circles, as in the case of the agrarian laws. Indebted to the anti-Machiavellian Petrus Cunaeus's analysis of the Jewish Jubilee laws, Harrington transformed Cunaeus's specific observations into a general law of his own (...)
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