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    Quantum Interference in Time.Lawrence P. Horwitz - 2007 - Foundations of Physics 37 (4-5):734-746.
    I discuss the interpretation of a recent experiment showing quantum interference in time. It is pointed out that the standard nonrelativistic quantum theory does not have the property of coherence in time, and hence cannot account for the results found. Therefore, this experiment has fundamental importance beyond the technical advances it represents. Some theoretical structures which consider the time as an observable, and thus could, in principle, have the required coherence in time, are discussed briefly, and the application of Floquet (...)
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    Relativistic Quantum Mechanics.Lawrence P. Horwitz - 2015 - Dordrecht: Imprint: Springer.
    This book describes a relativistic quantum theory developed by the author starting from the E.C.G. Stueckelberg approach proposed in the early 40s. In this framework a universal invariant evolution parameter (corresponding to the time originally postulated by Newton) is introduced to describe dynamical evolution. This theory is able to provide solutions for some of the fundamental problems encountered in early attempts to construct a relativistic quantum theory. A relativistically covariant construction is given for which particle spins and angular momenta can (...)
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    Lorentz Invariant Berry Phase for a Perturbed Relativistic Four Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator.Yossi Bachar, Rafael I. Arshansky, Lawrence P. Horwitz & Igal Aharonovich - 2014 - Foundations of Physics 44 (11):1156-1167.
    We show the existence of Lorentz invariant Berry phases generated, in the Stueckelberg–Horwitz–Piron manifestly covariant quantum theory (SHP), by a perturbed four dimensional harmonic oscillator. These phases are associated with a fractional perturbation of the azimuthal symmetry of the oscillator. They are computed numerically by using time independent perturbation theory and the definition of the Berry phase generalized to the framework of SHP relativistic quantum theory.
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    Book Review: Classical Relativistic Many-Body Dynamics. By M. A. Trump and W. C. Schieve. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Fundamental Theories of Physics, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1999, 365 pp., $186.00 . ISBN 0-7923-5737-x. [REVIEW]Lawrence P. Horwitz - 2001 - Foundations of Physics 31 (5):849-854.