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  1. The cost of being watched: Stroop interference increases under concomitant eye contact.Laurence Conty, David Gimmig, Clément Belletier, Nathalie George & Pascal Huguet - 2010 - Cognition 115 (1):133-139.
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    Eye contact elicits bodily self-awareness in human adults.Matias Baltazar, Nesrine Hazem, Emma Vilarem, Virginie Beaucousin, Jean-Luc Picq & Laurence Conty - 2014 - Cognition 133 (1):120-127.
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    Social affordances: Is the mirror neuron system involved?Guillaume Dezecache, Laurence Conty & Julie Grèzes - 2013 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36 (4):417-418.
    We question the idea that the mirror neuron system is the substrate of social affordances perception, and we suggest that most of the activity seen in the parietal and premotor cortex of the human brain is independent of mirroring activity as characterized in macaques, but rather reflects a process of one's own action specification in response to social signals.
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    How does perceiving eye direction modulate emotion recognition?Laurence Conty, Julie Grèzes & David Sander - 2010 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33 (6):443-444.
    Niedenthal et al. postulate that eye contact with the expresser of an emotion automatically initiates embodied simulation. Our commentary explores the generality of such an eye contact effect for emotions other than happiness. Based on the appraisal theory of emotion, we propose that embodied simulation may be reinforced by mutual or averted gaze as a function of emotional context.
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    Source unreliability decreases but does not cancel the impact of social information on metacognitive evaluations.Amélie Jacquot, Terry Eskenazi, Edith Sales-Wuillemin, Benoît Montalan, Joëlle Proust, Julie Grèzes & Laurence Conty - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Investigating Eye Contact Effect on People’s Name Retrieval in Normal Aging and in Alzheimer’s Disease.Desirée Lopis & Laurence Conty - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.