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    Dirty Virtues: The Emergence of Ecological Virtue Ethics.Louke van Wensveen - 1999 - Humanity Books.
    This is the first extensive study of ecological virtue ethics and the new rhetoric of environmentalists. Based on a wide-ranging survey of environmental literature, Louke van Wensveen offers an overview of current "green" virtue language and proposes the basic elements of a matching ecological virtue theory, dubbed "dirty virtues" by ecological philosophers.Environmental ethics is not exhausted by debates about the need to preserve rivers, our duties to bioregions, and the intrinsic value of nonhuman nature; rather, ecoliterature also contains a rich (...)
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    Dirty Virtues: The Emergence of Ecological Virtue Ethics.Louke van Wensveen - 1997 - Humanities Press.
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    Ecosystem Sustainability as a Criterion for Genuine Virtue.Louke van Wensveen - 2001 - Environmental Ethics 23 (3):227-241.
    I propose an ecologically attuned criterion for genuine virtue, namely, the criterion of ecosustainable virtue: a genuine virtue includes the goal of ensuring ecosystem sustainability. I show how this criterion emerges from environmental practice and how it can be supported by syllogistic reasoning.
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  4. Cardinal environmental virtues: A neurobiological perspective.L. van Wensveen - 2005 - In Philip Cafaro & Ronald Sandler (eds.), Environmental Virtue Ethics. Oxford: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
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    Attunement.Louke van Wensveen - 2001 - Philosophy in the Contemporary World 8 (2):67-78.
    Within an environmental virtue ethic belongs moderation for the sake of ecojustice. Named attunement, this virtue both resembles and differs from Aristotelian and Thomistic articulations of temperance. Principally expressed as frugality and moderation in diet, it includes: sensitivity to limits, acceptance of limits, joyous contentment, creativity, and readiness to sacrifice.
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    Is Toughness a Business Virtue?Louke M. van Wensveen - 1995 - International Journal of Applied Philosophy 9 (2):15-25.
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