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    Wrong medicine: doctors, patients, and futile treatment.L. J. Schneiderman - 1995 - Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. Edited by Nancy Ann Silbergeld Jecker.
    In Wrong Medicine, Lawrence J. Schneiderman, M.D., and Nancy S. Jecker, Ph.D., address issues that have occupied the media and the courts since the time of Karen Ann Quinlan. The authors examine the ethics of cases in which medical treatment is offered--or mandated--even if a patient lacks the capacity to appreciate its benefit or if the treatment will still leave a patient totally dependent on intensive medical care. In exploring these timely issues Schneiderman and Jecker reexamine the doctor-patient relationship and (...)
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    When Families Request That 'Everything Possible' Be Done.N. S. Jecker & L. J. Schneiderman - 1995 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 20 (2):145-163.
    The paper explores the ethical and psychological issues that arise when family members request that “everything possible” be done for a particular patient. The paper first illustrates this phenomenon by reviewing the well known case of Helga Wanglie. We proceed to argue that in Wanglie and similar cases family members may request futile treatments as a means of conveying that (1) the loss of the patient is tantamount to losing a part of themselves; (2) the patient should not be abandoned (...)
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    Do Physicians’ Own Preferences for Life-Sustaining Treatment Influence Their Perceptions of Patients’ Preferences?L. J. Schneiderman, R. M. Kaplan, R. A. Pearlman & H. Teetzel - 1993 - Journal of Clinical Ethics 4 (1):28-33.
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    Attitudes of seriously ill patients toward treatment that involves high costs and burdens on others.L. J. Schneiderman, R. Kronick, R. D. Langer, R. M. Kaplan & J. P. Anderson - 1995 - Journal of Clinical Ethics 6 (1):96-61.
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    Physicians should not always pursue a good "clinical" outcome.Paul B. Hofmann & L. J. Schneiderman - 2007 - Hastings Center Report 37 (3):3-3.
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    Comments on the AMA Report, ethical issues in managed care.L. J. Schneiderman - 1996 - Journal of Clinical Ethics 7 (1):96.
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    Embracing our mortality: hard choices in an age of medical miracles.L. J. Schneiderman - 2008 - New York: Oxford University Press.
    Putting in writing what you want -- What may happen if you don't make it "clear and convincing" -- Facts and statistics -- Empathy and the imagination -- Ancient myth and modern medicine: what can we learn from the past? -- Hoping for a miracle -- What could be wrong with hope? -- Medical futility -- Beyond futility to an ethic of care -- Future decisions we may all have to make.
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