1. The Ideal of Autonomy and Its Misuse.Kyungsuk Choi - 2015 - In Ruiping Fan (ed.), Family-Oriented Informed Consent. Springer Verlag.
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    Seeking a Compromise in Reasonable Disagreements and the Problem of Integrity: Ethical Issue and Policy-Making.Kyungsuk Choi - 2008 - Environmental Philosophy 7:251-274.
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    “Bioethics” as a New Challenge to Philosophy.Kyungsuk Choi - 2008 - Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 10:37-51.
    The advance of medical and biological science and technology has presented us with new ethical and legal issues. Is embryonic stem cell research morally justified and legally allowed? What moral status do embryos have? Who can be a morally appropriate user of In Vitro fertilization? Who can use donated sperm and/or egg? What is the scope of reproductive liberty?” What is the meaning of a family and that of reproduction? How far does our genetic intervention go?”Scientists, lawyers, and laymen are (...)
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