Kurt R. Leube [3]Kurt Leube [2]
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    Is the Welfare State A Model For Transition?Kurt R. Leube - 2001 - Journal des Economistes Et des Etudes Humaines 11 (1).
    Despite the fact that today only very few still regard the old socialist ideas with nationalization ofenterprises and central planning as a way to promote more efficient production, greater equality, or a more “just” distribution of income some of its conceptions nevertheless seem to have penetrated into the minds of a majority of socialist scientists. There still is this deeply rooted constructivist belief that every social and economic problem can be solved by “social engineering”, “social planning”, or by just throwing (...)
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    The Essence of Friedrich A. Von Hayek.Kurt R. Leube - 1992 - Journal de Economistes Et des Etudes Humaines 3 (2-3):201-218.
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