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    Vision Verbs Dominate in Conversation Across Cultures, but the Ranking of Non-Visual Verbs Varies.Lila San Roque, Kobin H. Kendrick, Elisabeth Norcliffe, Penelope Brown, Rebecca Defina, Mark Dingemanse, Tyko Dirksmeyer, N. J. Enfield, Simeon Floyd, Jeremy Hammond, Giovanni Rossi, Sylvia Tufvesson, Saskia van Putten & Asifa Majid - 2015 - Cognitive Linguistics 26 (1):31-60.
    To what extent does perceptual language reflect universals of experience and cognition, and to what extent is it shaped by particular cultural preoccupations? This paper investigates the universality~relativity of perceptual language by examining the use of basic perception terms in spontaneous conversation across 13 diverse languages and cultures. We analyze the frequency of perception words to test two universalist hypotheses: that sight is always a dominant sense, and that the relative ranking of the senses will be the same across different (...)
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    The Intersection of Turn-Taking and Repair: The Timing of Other-Initiations of Repair in Conversation.Kobin H. Kendrick - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Universal Meaning Extensions of Perception Verbs Are Grounded in Interaction.Lila San Roque, Kobin H. Kendrick, Elisabeth Norcliffe & Asifa Majid - 2018 - Cognitive Linguistics 29 (3):371-406.
    Apart from references to perception, words such as see and listen have shared, non-literal meanings across diverse languages. Such cross-linguistic meanings have not been systematically investigated as they appear in their natural home — informal spoken interaction. We present a qualitative examination of the semantic associations of perception verbs based on recorded everyday conversation in thirteen diverse languages. Across these diverse communities, spontaneous interaction provides evidence for two commonly-discussed extensions of perception verbs — perception~cognition, hearing~linguistic communication — as well as (...)
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    Editorial: Turn-Taking in Human Communicative Interaction.Judith Holler, Kobin H. Kendrick, Marisa Casillas & Stephen C. Levinson - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.