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    Guest editorial—industrial cultures and advanced innovation modes.Klaus Ruth - 2003 - AI and Society 17 (3-4):203-206.
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    Industrial culture and the innovation of innovation: enginology or socioneering? [REVIEW]Klaus Ruth - 2003 - AI and Society 17 (3-4):225-240.
    This paper deals with current problems of innovation in manufacturing industries. The shortcomings are analysed as contradictions within the conventional modernity. The main characteristic that makes the transition from modernity to reflexive modernity in an era of not intentional side effects is the omnipresent increase of uncertainties at various societal levels. Furthermore, the emerging need for culturally appropriate regionalized products contributes to the need for a reconsideration of innovation assumptions and goals, which will end up with a reflexive innovation of (...)
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    Industrial cultural determinants of technological developments: Skill transfer or power transfer? [REVIEW]Felix Rauner & Klaus Ruth - 1989 - AI and Society 3 (2):88-102.
    This paper discusses the social effects resulting from the transfer of knowledge and skill both in the spheres of production and machine design. Relevant design determinants and their impact on technological developments are discussed within the theoretical framework of industrial cultures. Two types of skill transfer are analysed in connection with different production philosophies — one more Tayloristic, the other more workshop-oriented. Finally, the paper discusses the relation of both philosophies to the requirements of future production concepts.
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