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    The effects of attitudinal and demographic factors on intention to buy pirated CDs: The case of Chinese consumers.Kenneth K. Kwong, Oliver H. M. Yau, Jenny S. Y. Lee, Leo Y. M. Sin & C. B. Alan - 2003 - Journal of Business Ethics 47 (3):223-235.
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    Do Traditional Chinese Cultural Values Nourish a Market for Pirated CDs?Wendy W. N. Wan, Chung-Leung Luk, Oliver H. M. Yau, Alan C. B. Tse, Leo Y. M. Sin & Kenneth K. Kwong - 2009 - Journal of Business Ethics 88 (S1):185-196.
    On one hand, Chinese consumers are well known for conspicuous consumption and the adoption of luxury products and named brands. On the other hand, they also have a bad reputation for buying counterfeit products. Their simultaneous preferences for two contrasting types of product present a paradox that has not been addressed in the literature. This study attempts to present an explanation of this paradox by examining the effects of traditional Chinese cultural values and consumer values on consumers’ deontological judgment of (...)
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    Can customer loyalty be explained by virtue ethics? The Chinese way.Kenneth K. Kwong, Felix Tang, Vane-ing Tian & Alex L. K. Fung - 2015 - Asian Journal of Business Ethics 4 (1):101-115.
    Virtue ethics is regarded as the key in search of moral excellence among corporations. Yet, there are limited works to empirically investigate what virtuous character morally good corporations is expected to exhibit in the course of business from the perspective of customers. To fill this gap, we argue that customers are to evaluate firm’s virtuous character using Confucian cardinal virtues (ren, yi, and li) and perceived virtuousness determines customer loyalty. We test this argument using a sample of 276 Hong Kong (...)
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    The Effects of Attitudinal and Demographic Factors on Intention to Buy Pirated CDs: The Case of Chinese Consumers. [REVIEW]Kenneth Kwong, Oliver Yau, Jenny Lee, Leo Sin & Alan Tse - 2003 - Journal of Business Ethics 47 (3):223 - 235.
    This study examines the impact of attitude toward piracy on intention to buy pirated CDs using Chinese samples. Attitude toward piracy is measured by a multi-item scale that has been shown to have a consistent factor structure with four distinct components, namely, social cost of piracy, anti-big business attitude, social benefit of dissemination, and ethical belief. Our findings reveal that social benefit of dissemination and anti-big business attitude have a positive relationship with intention to buy pirated CDs while social cost (...)
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