Ken O'Day [3]Kenneth Bartels O'day [1]
  1. Hume's Distinction between the Natural and Artificial Virtues.Ken O'Day - 1994 - Hume Studies 20 (1):121-141.
  2. Normativity and interpersonal reasons.Ken O'Day - 1998 - Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 1 (1):61-87.
    What is one who takes normativity seriously to do if normativity can neither be discovered lurking out there in the world independently of us nor can it be sufficiently grasped from a merely explanatory perspective? One option is to accept that the normative challenge cannot be met and to retreat to some form of moral skepticism. Another possibility has recently been proposed by Christine Korsgaard in The Sources of Normativity where she aims to develop an account of normativity which is (...)
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    Intrinsic Value and Investment.Ken O'Day - 1999 - Utilitas 11 (2):194.
    In this paper I critically evaluate Ronald Dworkin's attempt in Life's Dominion to understand sacred value as a form of intrinsic value which is grounded in investment. I argue that there are two problems with Dworkin's conception of intrinsic value. First, it does not allow him to distinguish, as he must, between incremental and sacred values. Secondly, sacred value qua intrinsic value is not the kind of value which can be grounded in investment. I argue that both of these problems (...)
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