Kenneth M. Bond [3]Ken Bond [1]
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    Evaluating Facts and Facting Evaluations: On the Fact-Value Relationship in HTA.Bjørn Hofmann, Ken Bond & Lars Sandman - 2018 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 24 (5):957-965.
    Health technology assessment is an evaluation of health technologies in terms of facts and evidence. However, the relationship between facts and values is still not clear in HTA. This is problematic in an era of fake facts and truth production. Accordingly, the objective of this study is to clarify the relationship between facts and values in HTA. We start with the perspectives of the traditional positivist account of evaluating facts and the social-constructivist account of facting values. Our analysis reveals diverse (...)
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  2. Bibliography of Business Ethics and Business Moral Values.Kenneth M. Bond - 1988 - College of Business Administration, Creighton University.
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    A Conceptual Model to Predict Instances of International Corporate Bribery and Extortion: A Cultural Analysis for Business.Kenneth M. Bond - 1988 - International Journal of Value-Based Management 1 (2):133-150.
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    To Stay or to Leave: The Moral Dilemma of Divestment of South African Assets. [REVIEW]Kenneth M. Bond - 1988 - Journal of Business Ethics 7 (1-2):9 - 18.
    The question of U.S. divestment of South African assets can be segmented into two major issues: (1) corporate behavior in a general sense and (2) nature of the product produced. The first issue has four sub-issues: (1) Is apartheid immoral? (2) Do corporations have any social responsibility? (3) Do the rights of South African blacks concerning the issue of apartheid outweigh those of the corporations to do business freely? (4) Are the benefits to blacks greater with divestment than without? The (...)
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