1. Adaptation to Novel Accents: Feature-Based Learning of Context-Sensitive Phonological Regularities.Katrin Skoruppa & Sharon Peperkamp - 2011 - Cognitive Science 35 (2):348-366.
    This paper examines whether adults can adapt to novel accents of their native language that contain unfamiliar context-dependent phonological alternations. In two experiments, French participants listen to short stories read in accented speech. Their knowledge of the accents is then tested in a forced-choice identification task. In Experiment 1, two groups of listeners are exposed to newly created French accents in which certain vowels harmonize or disharmonize, respectively, to the rounding of the preceding vowel. Despite the cross-linguistic predominance of vowel (...)
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    Young infants’ discrimination of subtle phonetic contrasts.Megha Sundara, Céline Ngon, Katrin Skoruppa, Naomi H. Feldman, Glenda Molina Onario, James L. Morgan & Sharon Peperkamp - 2018 - Cognition 178 (C):57-66.
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    Gradual development of constructional complexity in German spatial language.Karin Madlener, Katrin Skoruppa & Heike Behrens - 2017 - Cognitive Linguistics 28 (4):757-798.
    Journal Name: Cognitive Linguistics Issue: Ahead of print.
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