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Kaija Mortensen
Randolph College
  1. Armchair-Friendly Experimental Philosophy.Jennifer Nagel & Kaija Mortensen - 2016 - In Justin Sytsma & Wesley Buckwalter (eds.), A Companion to Experimental Philosophy. Malden, MA, USA: Wiley-Blackwell. pp. 53-70.
    Once symbolized by a burning armchair, experimental philosophy has in recent years shifted away from its original hostility to traditional methods. Starting with a brief historical review of the experimentalist challenge to traditional philosophical practice, this chapter looks at research undercutting that challenge, and at ways in which experimental work has evolved to complement and strengthen traditional approaches to philosophical questions.
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    Knowing how as a philosophical hybrid.Chad Gonnerman, Kaija Mortensen & Jacob Robbins - 2021 - Synthese 199 (3-4):11323-11354.
    Our view is that the folk concept of knowing how is more complicated than many epistemologists assume. We present four studies that go some way towards supporting our view—that the folk concept of knowledge-how is a philosophical hybrid, comprising both intellectualist and anti-intellectualist features. One upshot is, if we are going to award a presumptive status to philosophical theories of know-how that best accord with the folk concept, it ought to go to those that combine intellectualist and anti-intellectualist elements.
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  3. The Ordinary Concept of Knowledge How.Chad Gonnerman, Kaija Mortensen & Jacob Robbins - 2018 - In Tania Lombrozo, Shaun Nichols & Joshua Knobe (eds.), Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy , Vol. 2. pp. 104-115.
    We present experimental results that support the claim that the folk concept of knowledge how is an epistemological hybrid, encompassing both intellectualist and praxist elements.
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  4. Appendices for "KNOWING HOW as a Philosophical Hybrid".Chad Gonnerman, Kaija Mortensen & Jacob Robbins - manuscript
    This document contains the appendices, which provides the stimulus materials, for the four studies reported in: Gonnerman, Mortensen, & Robbins (forthcoming). KNOWING HOW as a philosophical hybrid. Synthese. -/- .
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    Alva Noë: Varieties of Presence: Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 2012, $35.00 hbk, xii + 165 pp + index. [REVIEW]Kaija Mortensen - 2013 - Human Studies 36 (3):435-440.
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    A Review of "Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Mind". [REVIEW]Kaija Mortensen - forthcoming - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.