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    Cognitive Science Meets Autonomous Mental Development.Jay McClelland, Juyang Weng, Gedeon Deák & Brian Scassellati - 2010 - Cognitive Science 34 (3):533-534.
  2.  12
    Editorial: Representation in the Brain.Asim Roy, Leonid Perlovsky, Tarek R. Besold, Juyang Weng & Jonathan C. W. Edwards - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Task muddiness, intelligence metrics, and the necessity of autonomous mental development.Juyang Weng - 2009 - Minds and Machines 19 (1):93-115.
    This paper introduces a concept called task muddiness as a metric for higher intelligence. Task muddiness is meant to be inclusive and expendable in nature. The intelligence required to execute a task is measured by the composite muddiness of the task described by multiple muddiness factors. The composite muddiness explains why many challenging tasks are muddy and why autonomous mental development is necessary for muddy tasks. It facilitates better understanding of intelligence, what the human adult mind can do, and how (...)
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