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    Industry-Specific Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives That Govern Corporate Human Rights Standards: Legitimacy assessments of the Fair Labor Association and the Global Network Initiative.Michael Samway, Auret Heerden, Justine Nolan & Dorothée Baumann-Pauly - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 143 (4):771-787.
    Multi-stakeholder initiatives are increasingly used as a default mechanism to address human rights challenges in a variety of industries. MSI is a designation that covers a broad range of initiatives from best-practice sharing learning platforms to certification bodies and those targeted at addressing governance gaps. Critics contest the legitimacy of the private governance model offered by MSIs. The objective of this paper is to theoretically develop a typology of MSIs, and to empirically analyze the legitimacy of one specific type of (...)
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    Corporate Responsibility for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Rights in Search of a Remedy?Justine Nolan & Luke Taylor - 2009 - Journal of Business Ethics 87 (2):433 - 451.
    It is no longer a revelation that companies have some responsibility to uphold human rights. However, delineating the boundaries of the relationship between business and human rights is more vexed. What is it that we are asking corporations to assume responsibility for and how far does that responsibility extend? This article focuses on the extent to which economic, social and cultural rights fall within a corporation's sphere of responsibility. It then analyses how corporations may be held accountable for violations of (...)
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    Corporate Social Responsibility? Human Rights in the New Global Economy, edited by Charlotte Walker-Said and John D. Kelly. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015. 392 pp. ISBN: 978-0226244273. [REVIEW]Justine Nolan - 2016 - Business Ethics Quarterly 26 (4):565-567.
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