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    Beyond Single‐Mindedness: A Figure‐Ground Reversal for the Cognitive Sciences.Mark Dingemanse, Andreas Liesenfeld, Marlou Rasenberg, Saul Albert, Felix K. Ameka, Abeba Birhane, Dimitris Bolis, Justine Cassell, Rebecca Clift, Elena Cuffari, Hanne De Jaegher, Catarina Dutilh Novaes, N. J. Enfield, Riccardo Fusaroli, Eleni Gregoromichelaki, Edwin Hutchins, Ivana Konvalinka, Damian Milton, Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi, Vasudevi Reddy, Federico Rossano, David Schlangen, Johanna Seibtbb, Elizabeth Stokoe, Lucy Suchman, Cordula Vesper, Thalia Wheatley & Martina Wiltschko - 2023 - Cognitive Science 47 (1):e13230.
    A fundamental fact about human minds is that they are never truly alone: all minds are steeped in situated interaction. That social interaction matters is recognized by any experimentalist who seeks to exclude its influence by studying individuals in isolation. On this view, interaction complicates cognition. Here, we explore the more radical stance that interaction co-constitutes cognition: that we benefit from looking beyond single minds toward cognition as a process involving interacting minds. All around the cognitive sciences, there are approaches (...)
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    Speech-gesture mismatches: Evidence for one underlying representation of linguistic and nonlinguistic information.Justine Cassell, David McNeill & Karl-Erik McCullough - 1999 - Pragmatics and Cognition 7 (1):1-34.
    Adults and children spontaneously produce gestures while they speak, and such gestures appear to support and expand on the information communicated by the verbal channel. Little research, however, has been carried out to examine the role played by gesture in the listener's representation of accumulating information. Do listeners attend to the gestures that accompany narrative speech? In what kinds of relationships between gesture and speech do listeners attend to the gestural channel? If listeners do attend to information received in gesture, (...)
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    Abstract deixis.David Mcneill, Justine Cassell & Elena T. Levy - 1993 - Semiotica 95 (1-2):5-20.
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    Children as designers of interactive storytellers:“Let me tell you a story about myself...”.M. Umaschi Bers & Justine Cassell - 2000 - In Kerstin Dauthenhahn (ed.), Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 19--61.
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    Intersubjectivity in humanagent interaction.Justine Cassell & Andrea Tartaro - 2007 - Interaction Studies 8 (3):391-410.
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    Intersubjectivity in human–agent interaction.Justine Cassell & Andrea Tartaro - 2007 - Interaction Studies. Social Behaviour and Communication in Biological and Artificial Systemsinteraction Studies / Social Behaviour and Communication in Biological and Artificial Systemsinteraction Studies 8 (3):391-410.
    What is the hallmark of success in human–agent interaction? In animation and robotics, many have concentrated on the looks of the agent — whether the appearance is realistic or lifelike. We present an alternative benchmark that lies in the dyad and not the agent alone: Does the agent’s behavior evoke intersubjectivity from the user? That is, in both conscious and unconscious communication, do users react to behaviorally realistic agents in the same way they react to other humans? Do users appear (...)
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  7. Selected Published Research on Modeling Face-to-face Conversation.Justine Cassell & Matthew Stone - unknown
    The following list contains a survey of some important and recent research in modeling face-to-face conversation. The list below is a presented as a guide to the literature by topic and date; we include complete citations afterwards in alphabetical order. For brevity, research works are keyed by first author and date only (we use these keys on the slides as well as in this list). Of course, most papers are multiply authored. The list is not intended to be exhaustive. Our (...)
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