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    Moral distress experienced by psychiatric nurses in Japan.Kayoko Ohnishi, Yasuko Ohgushi, Masataka Nakano, Hirohide Fujii, Hiromi Tanaka, Kazuyo Kitaoka, Jun Nakahara & Yugo Narita - 2010 - Nursing Ethics 17 (6):726-740.
    This study aimed to: (1) develop and evaluate the Moral Distress Scale for Psychiatric nurses (MDS-P); (2) use the MDS-P to examine the moral distress experienced by Japanese psychiatric nurses; and (3) explore the correlation between moral distress and burnout. A questionnaire on the intensity and frequency of moral distress items (the MDS-P: 15 items grouped into three factors), a burnout scale (Maslach Burnout Inventory — General Survey) and demographic questions were administered to 391 Japanese psychiatric nurses in 2007—2008. These (...)
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    Impact of moral sensitivity on moral distress among psychiatric nurses.Kayoko Ohnishi, Kazuyo Kitaoka, Jun Nakahara, Maritta Välimäki, Raija Kontio & Minna Anttila - forthcoming - Nursing Ethics:096973301775126.
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    The Effects of Familial Social Support Relationships on Identity Meaning in Older Adults: A Longitudinal Investigation.Aya Toyoshima & Jun Nakahara - 2021 - Frontiers in Psychology 12.
    This study aimed to examine whether social support promotes identity meaning among older adults. We hypothesized that when two spouses exchange social support, their sense of marital identity is enhanced. Among older adults, parental identity may be more strongly enhanced when parents provide social support to their children rather than receive social support from them. We conducted a longitudinal survey of 355 older adults, who were assessed four times over 2 years. First, we confirmed the relationship between social support and (...)
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