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    Achieving incremental semantic interpretation through contextual representation.Julie C. Sedivy, Michael K. Tanenhaus, Craig G. Chambers & Gregory N. Carlson - 1999 - Cognition 71 (2):109-147.
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    Playing on the typewriter, typing on the piano: manipulation knowledge of objects.Jong-Yoon Myung, Sheila E. Blumstein & Julie C. Sedivy - 2006 - Cognition 98 (3):223-243.
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    Resolving attachment ambiguities with multiple constraints.Michael Spivey-Knowlton & Julie C. Sedivy - 1995 - Cognition 55 (3):227-267.
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    Implicature during real time conversation: A view from language processing research.Julie C. Sedivy - 2007 - Philosophy Compass 2 (3):475–496.
    Grice's notion of conversational implicature requires that speaker meaning be calculable on the basis of sentence meaning, and presumptions about the speaker's adherence to cooperative principles of conversation and the ability of the hearer to work out the speaker's meaning. However, the actual real‐time consideration of cooperative principles by both the hearer and speaker runs up against severe temporal constraints during language processing. This article considers the role of language processing research in the shaping of a theory of implicature, and (...)
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