1.  17
    On the role of goal relevance in emotional attention: Disgust evokes early attention to cleanliness.Julia Vogt, Ljubica Lozo, Ernst Hw Koster & Jan De Houwer - 2011 - Cognition and Emotion 25 (3):466-477.
  2.  12
    Motivational and Affective Factors Underlying Consumer Dropout and Transactional Success in eCommerce: An Overview.Lynne Bell, Rachel McCloy, Laurie Butler & Julia Vogt - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
    It is estimated that more than half of all online transactions are abandoned before completion. This paper investigates the psychological factors that influence online shopping behavior, with a view to improving transactional success rates. Through a critical review of the literature, we identify a range of factors which predict abandonment of online shopping, highlighting affective and motivational dimensions in addition to processing style and characteristics of the consumer, device, and product. We conclude that online purchasing and payment systems that boost (...)
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    Cleansing Investor’s Conscience: The Effects of Incidental Guilt on Socially Responsible Investment Decisions.Victoria Gevorkova, Ivan Sangiorgi & Julia Vogt - forthcoming - Journal of Business Ethics:1-26.
    This paper explores the effects of incidental guilt on Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) decisions of retail investors. Do investors who feel guilty invest more in SRIs to clear their conscience? Are guilty investors willing to sacrifice returns to restore their moral selves? Using survey data from an online quasi-experiment among a sample of US retail investors, we find that individuals who experience incidental guilt are willing to invest more in SRI funds than those in a neutral state. We show that (...)
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  4.  13
    Beyond Self-Report: A Review of Physiological and Neuroscientific Methods to Investigate Consumer Behavior. [REVIEW]Lynne Bell, Julia Vogt, Cesco Willemse, Tim Routledge, Laurie T. Butler & Michiko Sakaki - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9:387541.
    The current paper investigates the value and application of a range of physiological and neuroscientific techniques in applied marketing research and consumer science, highlighting new insights from research in social psychology and neuroscience. We review measures of sweat secretion, heart rate, facial muscle activity, eye movements, and electrical brain activity, using techniques including skin conductance, pupillometry, eyetracking and magnetic brain imaging. For each measure, after a brief explanation of the underlying technique, we illustrate concepts and mechanisms that the measure allows (...)
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