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Julia Sanchez-Dorado
Technische Universität Berlin
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    Colligation in Modelling Practices: From Whewell’s Tides to the San Francisco Bay Model.Claudia Cristalli & Julia Sánchez-Dorado - 2021 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 85:1-15.
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    Novel & worthy: creativity as a thick epistemic concept.Julia Sánchez-Dorado - 2020 - European Journal for Philosophy of Science 10 (3):1-23.
    The standard view in current philosophy of creativity says that being creative has two requirements: being novel and being valuable. The standard view on creativity has recently become an object of critical scrutiny. Hills and Bird have specifically proposed to remove the value requirement from the definition, as it is not clear that creative objects are necessarily valuable or creative people necessarily praiseworthy. In this paper, I argue against Hills and Bird, since eliminating the element of value from the explanation (...)
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    The Aesthetics of Science: Beauty, Imagination and Understanding.Julia Sánchez-Dorado - forthcoming - British Journal of Aesthetics.
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    Methodological Lessons for the Integration of Philosophy of Science and Aesthetics: The Case of Representation.Julia Sanchez-Dorado - 2017 - In O. Bueno (ed.), Thinking about Science, Reflecting on Art.
  5. Scientific Representation in Practice: Models and Creative Similarity.Julia Sanchez-Dorado - 2019 - Dissertation,
    The thesis proposes an account of the means of scientific representation focused on similarity, or more specifically, on the notion of “creative similarity”. I first distinguish between two different questions regarding the problem of representation: the question about the constituents and the question about the means of representation (following Suárez 2003; van Fraassen 2008). I argue that, although similarity is not a good candidate for constituent of representation, it can satisfactorily answer the question about the means of representation if adequately (...)
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