1. Cognitive and Computer Systems for Understanding Narrative Text.William J. Rapaport, Erwin M. Segal, Stuart C. Shapiro, David A. Zubin, Gail A. Bruder, Judith Felson Duchan & David M. Mark - manuscript
    This project continues our interdisciplinary research into computational and cognitive aspects of narrative comprehension. Our ultimate goal is the development of a computational theory of how humans understand narrative texts. The theory will be informed by joint research from the viewpoints of linguistics, cognitive psychology, the study of language acquisition, literary theory, geography, philosophy, and artificial intelligence. The linguists, literary theorists, and geographers in our group are developing theories of narrative language and spatial understanding that are being tested by the (...)
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    Book reviews. [REVIEW]Eric A. Weiss, Justin Leiber, Judith Felson Duchan, Mallory Selfridge, Eric Dietrich, Peter A. Facione, Timothy Joseph Day, Johan M. Lammens, Andrew Feenberg, Deborah G. Johnson, Daniel S. Levine & Ted A. Warfield - 1995 - Minds and Machines 5 (1):109-155.
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    Janet W. astington, Paul L. Harris and David R. Olson, eds., Developing theories of mind; Henry M. Wellman, the child's theory of mind; Douglas Frye and Chris Moore, eds., Children's theories of mind: Mental states and social understanding Judith felson Duchan. [REVIEW]Judith Felson Duchan - 2000 - Minds and Machines 10 (2):277-288.