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Joshua J. Reynolds
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  1.  65
    How Is the Third Kind in Plato’s Timaeus a Receptacle?Joshua J. Reynolds - 2008 - Ancient Philosophy 28 (1):87-104.
  2.  9
    SNL, Satire, and Socrates: Smart‐Assery or Seriousness?Joshua J. Reynolds - 2020 - In Ruth Tallman & Jason Southworth (eds.), Saturday Night Live and Philosophy: Deep Thoughts Through the Decades. Hoboken, NJ, USA: pp. 39-50.
  3.  2
    In The Beginning: A Serious Satire on Myth, Philosophy, and Belief.Joshua J. Reynolds - 2017 - Atlanta, GA, USA: Windowless I Publishing.
    Timon is an ancient Greek skeptic fed up with dogmatic nonsense about the beginnings of the universe. One night, he dreams of a boisterous "Battle of Brains" between history's major religious and philosophical authorities. Highly satirical, IN THE BEGINNING depicts this battle in a clear and readable style, faithfully detailing each contender's cosmology, including wisecracks and barbs aimed at rival sages. Timon himself pulls no punches in attempting to resolve the debate, even bashing belief itself. A simple spectator, however, gets (...)
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  4. Review of C. D. C. Reeve, Ed., Plato on Love. [REVIEW]Joshua J. Reynolds - 2008 - Classical Bulletin 83:139–141.
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  5. Review of R. M. Dancy, Plato’s Introduction of Forms. [REVIEW]Joshua J. Reynolds - 2008 - Classical Bulletin 83:142-144.
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  6. Review of J. Allen, Inference From Signs. [REVIEW]Joshua J. Reynolds - 2004 - Aestimatio 1:107–112.
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  7. Review of T. Chappell, Reading Plato’s Theaetetus. [REVIEW]Joshua J. Reynolds - 2006 - Aestimatio 3:122–131.
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  10. Review of A. Preus, Historical Dictionary of Ancient Greek Philosophy. [REVIEW]Joshua J. Reynolds - 2009 - Aestimatio 6:48–51.
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    Review of Darien Shanske, Thucydides and the Philosophical Origins of History[REVIEW]Joshua J. Reynolds - 2007 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2007 (6).
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