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    Disinhibitory psychopathology: A new perspective and a model for research.Ethan E. Gorenstein & Joseph P. Newman - 1980 - Psychological Review 87 (3):301-315.
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    Reflectivity and learning from aversive events: Toward a psychological mechanism for the syndromes of disinhibition.C. Mark Patterson & Joseph P. Newman - 1993 - Psychological Review 100 (4):716-736.
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    Impaired Integration in Psychopathy: A Unified Theory of Psychopathic Dysfunction.Rachel K. B. Hamilton, Kristina Hiatt Racer & Joseph P. Newman - 2015 - Psychological Review 122 (4):770–791.
    This article introduces a novel theoretical framework for psychopathy that bridges dominant affective and cognitive models. According to the proposed impaired integration (II) framework of psychopathic dysfunction, topographical irregularities and abnormalities in neural connectivity in psychopathy hinder the complex process of information integration. Central to the II theory is the notion that psychopathic individuals are “‘wired up’ differently” (Hare, Williamson, & Harpur, 1988, p. 87). Specific theoretical assumptions include decreased functioning of the Salience and Default Mode Networks, normal functioning in (...)
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    An evaluation of Mealey's hypotheses based on psychopathy checklist: Identified groups.David S. Kosson & Joseph P. Newman - 1995 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 18 (3):562-563.
    Although Mealey's account provides several interesting hypotheses, her integration across disparate samples renders the value of her explanation for psychopathy ambiguous. Recent evidence on Psychopathy Checklist-identified samples (Hare, 1991) suggests primary emotional and cognitive deficits inconsistent with her model. Whereas high-anxious psychopaths display interpersonal deficits consistent with Mealey's hypotheses, low-anxious psychopaths' deficits appear more sensitive to situational parameters than predicted.
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