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    Feeling and Thinking: The Role of Affect in Social Cognition.Joseph P. Forgas (ed.) - 2000 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book reviews and integrates the most recent research and theories on this exciting topic, and features original contributions from leading researchers ...
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  2. Affect and Information Processing Strategies: An Interactive Relationship.Joseph P. Forgas - 2000 - In Feeling and Thinking: The Role of Affect in Social Cognition. Cambridge University Press. pp. 253--280.
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    Social Motivation: Conscious and Unconscious Processes.Joseph P. Forgas, Kipling D. Williams & Simon M. Laham (eds.) - 2004 - Cambridge University Press.
    Ground-breaking research by leading international researchers on the nature, functions and characteristics of social motivation.
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  4. Affect Infusion and Affect Control: The Interactive Role of Conscious and Unconscious Processing Strategies in Mood Management.Joseph P. Forgas & J. Ciarrochi - 2000 - In Yves Rossetti & Antti Revonsuo (eds.), Beyond Dissociation: Interaction Between Dissociated Implicit and Explicit Processing. John Benjamins.
  5. The Social Psychology of Morality.Joseph P. Forgas, Lee Jussim & Paul A. M. Van Lange (eds.) - 2016 - Psychology Press.
    Ever since Plato’s ‘Republic’ was written over two thousand years ago, one of the main concerns of social philosophy and later empirical social science was to understand the moral nature of human beings. The faculty to think and act in terms of overarching moral values is as much a defining hallmark of our species as is our intelligence, so _homo moralis_ is no less an appropriate term to describe humans as _homo sapiens_. This volume makes a case for the pivotal (...)
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    Affective Influences on Stereotype Judgements.Joseph P. Forgas & Stephanie J. Moylan - 1991 - Cognition and Emotion 5 (5-6):379-395.
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    On Bad Mood and White Bears: The Effects of Mood State on Ability to Suppress Unwanted Thoughts.Carrie L. Wyland & Joseph P. Forgas - 2007 - Cognition and Emotion 21 (7):1513-1524.
  8. The Message Within: The Role of Subjective Experience in Social Cognition and Behavior.Herbert Bless & Joseph P. Forgas (eds.) - 2000 - Psychology Press.
    First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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