1.  72
    Climate change and Norman Daniels' theory of just health: an essay on basic needs. [REVIEW]Joseph Lacey - 2012 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 15 (1):3-14.
    Norman Daniels, in applying Rawls’ theory of justice to the issue of human health, ideally presupposes that society exists in a state of moderate scarcity. However, faced with problems like climate change, many societies find that their state of moderate scarcity is increasingly under threat. The first part of this essay aims to determine the consequences for Daniels’ theory of just health when we incorporate into Rawls’ understanding of justice the idea that the condition of moderate scarcity can fail. Most (...)
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    The Democratic Production of Political Cohesion: Partisanship, Institutional Design and Life Form.Richard Bellamy, Matteo Bonotti, Dario Castiglione, Joseph Lacey, Sofia Näsström, David Owen & Jonathan White - 2019 - Contemporary Political Theory 18 (2):282-310.
  3.  94
    Moral phenomenology and a moral ontology of the human person.Joseph Lacey - 2013 - Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 12 (1):51-73.
    Terry Horgan and Mark Timmons’ work implies four criteria that moral phenomenology must be capable of meeting if it is to be a viable field of study that can make a worthwhile contribution to moral philosophy. It must be (a) about a unifed subject matter as well as being, (b) wide, (c) independent, and (d) robust. Contrary to some scepticism about the possibility or usefulness of this field, I suggest that these criteria can be met by elucidating the very foundations (...)
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    Book Review: The Government of the Peoples: On the Idea and Principles of Multilateral Democracy, by Cheneval Francis. [REVIEW]Joseph Lacey - 2017 - Political Theory 45 (6):885-889.
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    On popular votes and the problems of self-government: A systemic case for ordinary popular vote processes.Joseph Lacey - forthcoming - Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy:1-26.