1.  66
    How to argue for and against sport hunting.Jordan Curnutt - 1996 - Journal of Social Philosophy 27 (2):65-89.
  2.  73
    Huang on Wittgenstein on religious epistemology.Jordan Curnutt - 1998 - Religious Studies 34 (1):81-89.
    Yong Huang has recently claimed that after the demise of foundationalism, philosophy and theology can turn to Ludwig Wittgenstein's non-foundationalist or coherentist religious epistemology where, it is said, religious beliefs are justified by a 'reflective equilibrium' with other kinds of beliefs, with action, and with different 'forms of life'. I argue that there are very good reasons to reject this reading of Wittgenstein: not only unsupported, it is seriously mistaken. Once the epistemological terms of the debate are properly understood, the (...)
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