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    The path of ambivalence: tracing the pull of opposing evaluations using mouse trajectories.Iris K. Schneider, Frenk van Harreveld, Mark Rotteveel, Sascha Topolinski, Joop van der Pligt, Norbert Schwarz & Sander L. Koole - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Deriving meaning from others’ emotions: attribution, appraisal, and the use of emotions as social information.Evert A. van Doorn, Gerben A. van Kleef & Joop van der Pligt - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6:145633.
    Emotional expressions constitute a rich source of information. Integrating theorizing on attribution, appraisal processes, and the use of emotions as social information, we examined how emotional expressions influence attributions of agency and responsibility under conditions of ambiguity. Three vignette studies involving different scenarios indicate that participants used information about others’ emotional expressions to make sense of ambiguous social situations. Expressions of regret fueled inferences that the expresser was responsible for an adverse situation, whereas expressions of anger fueled inferences that someone (...)
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    Guilt and regret: The determining role of interpersonal and intrapersonal harm.Mariëtte Berndsen, Joop van der Pligt, Bertjan Doosje & Antony Manstead - 2004 - Cognition and Emotion 18 (1):55-70.
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    Steps, stages, and structure: Finding compensatory order in scientific theories.Bastiaan T. Rutjens, Frenk van Harreveld, Joop van der Pligt, Loes M. Kreemers & Marret K. Noordewier - 2013 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 142 (2):313.
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    The development of the illusion of control and sense of agency in 7- to-12-year old children and adults.Michiel van Elk, Bastiaan T. Rutjens & Joop van der Pligt - 2015 - Cognition 145:1-12.
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    Effects of processing style on responsiveness to affective stimuli and processing fluency.Koen A. Dijkstra, Joop van der Pligt & Gerben A. van Kleef - 2014 - Cognition and Emotion 28 (6):959-970.