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    The Pleasure Evoked by Sad Music Is Mediated by Feelings of Being Moved.Jonna K. Vuoskoski & Tuomas Eerola - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
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    Being Moved by Unfamiliar Sad Music Is Associated with High Empathy.Tuomas Eerola, Jonna K. Vuoskoski & Hannu Kautiainen - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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    “Help! I Need Somebody”: Music as a Global Resource for Obtaining Wellbeing Goals in Times of Crisis.Roni Granot, Daniel H. Spitz, Boaz R. Cherki, Psyche Loui, Renee Timmers, Rebecca S. Schaefer, Jonna K. Vuoskoski, Ruth-Nayibe Cárdenas-Soler, João F. Soares-Quadros, Shen Li, Carlotta Lega, Stefania La Rocca, Isabel Cecilia Martínez, Matías Tanco, María Marchiano, Pastora Martínez-Castilla, Gabriela Pérez-Acosta, José Darío Martínez-Ezquerro, Isabel M. Gutiérrez-Blasco, Lily Jiménez-Dabdoub, Marijn Coers, John Melvin Treider, David M. Greenberg & Salomon Israel - 2021 - Frontiers in Psychology 12.
    Music can reduce stress and anxiety, enhance positive mood, and facilitate social bonding. However, little is known about the role of music and related personal or cultural variables in maintaining wellbeing during times of stress and social isolation as imposed by the COVID-19 crisis. In an online questionnaire, administered in 11 countries, participants rated the relevance of wellbeing goals during the pandemic, and the effectiveness of different activities in obtaining these goals. Music was found to be the most effective activity (...)
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    Livestream Experiments: The Role of COVID-19, Agency, Presence, and Social Context in Facilitating Social Connectedness.Kelsey E. Onderdijk, Dana Swarbrick, Bavo Van Kerrebroeck, Maximillian Mantei, Jonna K. Vuoskoski, Pieter-Jan Maes & Marc Leman - 2021 - Frontiers in Psychology 12:647929.
    Musical life became disrupted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many musicians and venues turned to online alternatives, such as livestreaming. In this study, three livestreamed concerts were organized to examine separate, yet interconnected concepts—agency, presence, and social context—to ascertain which components of livestreamed concerts facilitate social connectedness. Hierarchical Bayesian modeling was conducted on 83 complete responses to examine the effects of the manipulations on feelings of social connectedness with the artist and the audience. Results showed that in concert (...)
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    On the Enjoyment of Sad Music: Pleasurable Compassion Theory and the Role of Trait Empathy.David Huron & Jonna K. Vuoskoski - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
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    Explaining the enjoyment of negative emotions evoked by the arts: The need to consider empathy and other underlying mechanisms of emotion induction.Jonna K. Vuoskoski & Tuomas Eerola - 2017 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 40.
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