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    Special Supplement: The XYY Controversy: Researching Violence and Genetics.Diane Bauer, Ronald Bayer, Jonathan Beckwith, Gordon Bermant, Digamber S. Borgaonkar, Daniel Callahan, Arthur Caplan, John Conrad, Charles M. Culver, Gerald Dworkin, Harold Edgar, Willard Gaylin, Park Gerald, Clarence Harris, Johnathan King, Ruth Macklin, Allan Mazur, Robert Michels, Carola Mone, Rosalind Petchesky, Tabitha M. Powledge, Reed E. Pyeritz, Arthur Robinson, Thomas Scanlon, Saleem A. Shah, Thomas A. Shannon, Margaret Steinfels, Judith P. Swazey, Paul Wachtel & Stanley Walzer - 1980 - Hastings Center Report 10 (4):1.
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    Commentary on “the social responsibilities of biological scientists” (s. J. Reiser and R. E. bulger).Jonathan Beckwith & Lisa N. Geller - 1997 - Science and Engineering Ethics 3 (2):145-148.
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    Why teach ethics in science and engineering?Rachelle D. Hollander, Deborah G. Johnson, Jonathan R. Beckwith & Betsy Fader - 1995 - Science and Engineering Ethics 1 (1):83-87.
    The following views were presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Seminar “Teaching Ethics in Science and Engineering”, 10–11 February 1993 organized by Stephanie J. Bird , Penny J. Gilmer and Terrell W. Bynum . Opragen Publications thanks the AAAS, seminar organizers and authors for permission to publish extracts from the conference. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not reflect the opinions of AAAS or its Board of Directors.
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    Who Was Wronged in XYY?Jonathan Beckwith - 1981 - Hastings Center Report 11 (2):45-45.
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    Individual, family, and societal dimensions of genetic discrimination: A case study analysis. [REVIEW]Lisa N. Geller, Joseph S. Alper, Paul R. Billings, Carol I. Barash, Jonathan Beckwith & Marvin R. Natowicz - 1996 - Science and Engineering Ethics 2 (1):71-88.
    Background. As the development and use of genetic tests have increased, so have concerns regarding the uses of genetic information. Genetic discrimination, the differential treatment of individuals based on real or perceived differences in their genomes, is a recently described form of discrimination. The range and significance of experiences associated with this form of discrimination are not yet well known and are investigated in this study. Methods. Individuals at-risk to develop a genetic condition and parents of children with specific genetic (...)
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