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    Do individuals with autism process words in context? Evidence from language-mediated eye-movements.Jon Brock, Courtenay Norbury, Shiri Einav & Kate Nation - 2008 - Cognition 108 (3):896-904.
  2.  30
    Alternative Bayesian accounts of autistic perception: comment on Pellicano and Burr.Jon Brock - 2012 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16 (12):573-574.
  3.  37
    Hypo- or hyper-mentalizing: It all depends upon what one means by “mentalizing”.Robyn Langdon & Jon Brock - 2008 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 31 (3):274-275.
    By conceiving of autism and psychosis as diametrically opposite phenotypes of underactive and overactive mentalizing, respectively, Crespi & Badcock (C&B) commit themselves to a continuum view of intercorrelated mentalizing functions. This view fails to acknowledge dissociations between mentalizing functions and that psychotic people show a mixture of both hypo- and hyper-mentalizing.
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