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    A General Systems Philosophy for the Social and Behavioral Sciences.John W. Sutherland - 1973 - New York: Braziller.
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    Extending the Reach of Collective Decision Support Systems: Provisions for Disciplining Judgment-Driven Exercises.John W. Sutherland - 2000 - Theory and Decision 48 (1):1-46.
    The focus here is on analytical and instrumental requirements for those collective decision exercises that lend themselves to a judgment-driven resolution. These have not as yet received much concerted technical attention from either of the two main movements in the field. They remain somewhere beyond the purview of the objectively-predicated instruments that mainstream GDSS (Group Decision Support System) designs tend to favour. Yet neither are they so inherently ill-structured as the situations with which the GDNSS (Group Decision and Negotiation Support (...)
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    Towards a system-theoretical decision logic.John W. Sutherland & King G. Yee - 1979 - Theory and Decision 10 (1-4):31-59.
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    Disciplining qualitative decision exercises: Aspects of a transempirical protocol.John W. Sutherland - 1990 - Theory and Decision 29 (2):85-118.
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