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    An Ideological Asymmetry in the Diffusion of Moralized Content on Social Media Among Political Leaders.William J. Brady, Julian A. Wills, Dominic Burkart, John T. Jost & Jay J. Van Bavel - 2019 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 148 (10):1802-1813.
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    Motivated Recall in the Service of the Economic System: The Case of Anthropogenic Climate Change.Erin P. Hennes, Benjamin C. Ruisch, Irina Feygina, Christopher A. Monteiro & John T. Jost - 2016 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 145 (6):755-771.
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    The Ideological Animal.John T. Jost, Gráinne Fitzsimons & Aaron C. Kay - 2004 - In Jeff Greenberg, Sander L. Koole & Tom Pyszczynski (eds.), Handbook of Experimental Existential Psychology. Guilford Press. pp. 263--283.
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    Belief in a Just God : A System Justification Perspective on Religious Ideology.John T. Jost, Carlee Beth Hawkins, Brian A. Nosek, Erin P. Hennes, Chadly Stern, Samuel D. Gosling & Jesse Graham - 2014 - Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 34 (1):56-81.
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    Theoretical Integration in Motivational Science: System Justification as One of Many “Autonomous Motivational Structures”.Aaron C. Kay & John T. Jost - 2014 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (2):146-147.
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    Difficulties Awakening the Sense of Injustice and Overcoming Oppression: On the Soporific Effects of System Justification.Danielle Gaucher & John T. Jost - 2011 - In Peter T. Coleman (ed.), Conflict, Interdependence, and Justice. Springer. pp. 227--246.
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    Political Ideologies and Their Social Psychological Functions.John T. Jost, Christopher M. Federico & Jaime L. Napier - 2013 - In Michael Freeden, Lyman Tower Sargent & Marc Stears (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Political Ideologies. Oxford University Press. pp. 232--250.
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    Character as Moral Fiction by Mark Alfano. [REVIEW]John T. Jost & Lawrence J. Jost - 2015 - Review of Metaphysics 68 (4):834-836.
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    What's so Insidious About “Peace, Love, and Understanding”? A System Justification Perspective.John T. Jost, Chadly Stern & David A. Kalkstein - 2012 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 35 (6):438-439.
    We agree that promoting intergroup harmony system-justifying and identify several ways in which and stereotypes, superordinate identification, intergroup contact, and prejudice reduction techniques can undermine social change motivation by reinforcing system-justifying beliefs. This may but it also prevents individuals and groups from tackling serious social problems, including inequality and oppression.
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    The “Chicken-and-Egg” Problem in Political Neuroscience.John T. Jost, Sharareh Noorbaloochi & Jay J. Van Bavel - 2014 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (3):317-318.