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John M. Coulter [3]John Merle Coulter [1]
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    The effect of national culture on whistle-blowing perceptions.Richard G. Brody, John M. Coulter & Suming Lin - 1999 - Teaching Business Ethics 3 (4):383-398.
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    Auditor Probability Judgments: Discounting Unspecified Possibilities.Richard G. Brody, John M. Coulter & Alireza Daneshfar - 2003 - Theory and Decision 54 (2):85-104.
    Tversky and Koehler's support theory attempts to explain why probability judgments are affected by the manner in which formally similar events are described. Support theory suggests that as the explicitness of a description increases, an event will be judged to be more likely. In the present experiment, experienced decision-makers from large, international accounting firms were given case-specific information about an audit client and asked to provide a series of judgments regarding the perceived likelihood of events. Unpacking a hypothesis into four (...)
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  3. Theory and decison.Richard G. Brody, John M. Coulter, Alireza Daneshfar, Auditor Probability Judgments, Discounting Unspecified Possibilities, Paula Corcho, José Luis Ferreira & Generalized Externality Games - 2003 - Theory and Decision 54:375-376.
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  4. Fifty years of Darwinism.Edward Bagnall Poulton, John Merle Coulter, David Starr Jordan, Edmund B. Wilson, Daniel Trembly MacDougal, William E. Castle, Charles Benedict Davenport, Carl H. Eigenmann, Henry Fairfield Osborn & G. Stanley Hall (eds.) - 1909 - New York,: H. Holt and company.
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