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    The modal logic of {beta(mathbb{N})}.Guram Bezhanishvili & John Harding - 2009 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 48 (3-4):231-242.
    Let ${\beta(\mathbb{N})}$ denote the Stone–Čech compactification of the set ${\mathbb{N}}$ of natural numbers (with the discrete topology), and let ${\mathbb{N}^\ast}$ denote the remainder ${\beta(\mathbb{N})-\mathbb{N}}$ . We show that, interpreting modal diamond as the closure in a topological space, the modal logic of ${\mathbb{N}^\ast}$ is S4 and that the modal logic of ${\beta(\mathbb{N})}$ is S4.1.2.
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    Flowers on the Rock: Global and Local Buddhisms in Canada.John S. Harding, Victor Sogen Hori & Alexander Soucy - 2014 - Mcgill-Queen's University Press.
    When Sasaki Sokei-an founded his First Zen Institute of North America in 1930 he suggested that bringing Zen Buddhism to America was like "holding a lotus against a rock and waiting for it to set down roots." Today, Buddhism is part of the cultural and religious mainstream. Flowers on the Rock examines the dramatic growth of Buddhism in Canada and questions some of the underlying assumptions about how this tradition has changed in the West. Using historical, ethnographic, and biographical approaches, (...)
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    Daggers, Kernels, Baer *-semigroups, and Orthomodularity.John Harding - 2013 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 42 (3):535-549.
    We discuss issues related to constructing an orthomodular structure from an object in a category. In particular, we consider axiomatics related to Baer *-semigroups, partial semigroups, and various constructions involving dagger categories, kernels, and biproducts.
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    Decidability of the Equational Theory of the Continuous Geometry CG(\Bbb {F}).John Harding - 2013 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 42 (3):461-465.
    For $\Bbb {F}$ the field of real or complex numbers, let $CG(\Bbb {F})$ be the continuous geometry constructed by von Neumann as a limit of finite dimensional projective geometries over $\Bbb {F}$ . Our purpose here is to show the equational theory of $CG(\Bbb {F})$ is decidable.
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    Some Treatises against the Fraticelli in the Vatican Library.Decima L. Douie & John Harding - 1978 - Franciscan Studies 38 (1):10-80.