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    Between “Medical” and “Social” Egg Freezing: A Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Frameworks in Austria, Germany, Israel, and the Netherlands.Nitzan Rimon-Zarfaty, Johanna Kostenzer, Lisa-Katharina Sismuth & Antoinette de Bont - 2021 - Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 18 (4):683-699.
    Egg freezing has led to heated debates in healthcare policy and bioethics. A crucial issue in this context concerns the distinction between “medical” and “social” egg freezing —contrasting objections to bio-medicalization with claims for oversimplification. Yet such categorization remains a criterion for regulation. This paper aims to explore the “regulatory boundary-work” around the “medical”–”social” distinction in different egg freezing regulations. Based on systematic documents’ analysis we present a cross-national comparison of the way the “medical”–”social” differentiation finds expression in regulatory frameworks (...)
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    Women’s viewpoints on egg freezing in Austria: an online Q-methodology study.Johanna Kostenzer, Antoinette de Bont & Job van Exel - 2021 - BMC Medical Ethics 22 (1):1-12.
    BackgroundEgg freezing has emerged as a technology of assisted reproductive medicine that allows women to plan for the anticipated loss of fertility and hence to preserve the option to conceive with their own eggs. The technology is surrounded by value-conflicts and is subject to ongoing discussions. This study aims at contributing to the empirical-ethical debate by exploring women’s viewpoints on egg freezing in Austria, where egg freezing for social reasons is currently not allowed.MethodsQ-methodology was used to identify prevailing viewpoints on (...)
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    Why Personal Dreams Matter: How professionals affectively engage with the promises surrounding data-driven healthcare in Europe.Antoinette de Bont, Anne Marie Weggelaar-Jansen, Johanna Kostenzer, Rik Wehrens & Marthe Stevens - 2022 - Big Data and Society 9 (1).
    Recent buzzes around big data, data science and artificial intelligence portray a data-driven future for healthcare. As a response, Europe's key players have stimulated the use of big data technologies to make healthcare more efficient and effective. Critical Data Studies and Science and Technology Studies have developed many concepts to reflect on such overly positive narratives and conduct critical policy evaluations. In this study, we argue that there is also much to be learned from studying how professionals in the healthcare (...)
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