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  1. COVID-19 vaccination status should not be used in triage tie-breaking.Olivia Schuman, Joelle Robertson-Preidler & Trevor M. Bibler - 2022 - Journal of Medical Ethics 48 (10):1-3.
    This article discusses the triage response to the COVID-19 delta variant surge of 2021. One issue that distinguishes the delta wave from earlier surges is that by the time it became the predominant strain in the USA in July 2021, safe and effective vaccines against COVID-19 had been available for all US adults for several months. We consider whether healthcare professionals and triage committees would have been justified in prioritising patients with COVID-19 who are vaccinated above those who are unvaccinated (...)
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    From Bridge to Destination? Ethical Considerations Related to Withdrawal of ECMO Support over the Objections of Capacitated Patients.Andrew Childress, Trevor Bibler, Bryanna Moore, Ryan H. Nelson, Joelle Robertson-Preidler, Olivia Schuman & Janet Malek - 2022 - American Journal of Bioethics 23 (6):5-17.
    Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is typically viewed as a time-limited intervention—a bridge to recovery or transplant—not a destination therapy. However, some patients with decision-making capacity request continued ECMO support despite a poor prognosis for recovery and lack of viability as a transplant candidate. In response, critical care teams have asked for guidance regarding the ethical permissibility of unilateral withdrawal over the objections of a capacitated patient. In this article, we evaluate several ethical arguments that have been made in favor of (...)
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    Measuring Value with Volume.Joelle Robertson-Preidler - 2022 - American Journal of Bioethics 22 (4):76-78.
    In their target article, Fox & Duke provide evidence that consult volumes vary based on ethics staffing, leading to their conclusion that ethics consultation is an example of supply-sensitiv...
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    Health assessment and the capability approach.Rodrigo López Barreda, Joelle Robertson-Preidler & Paula Bedregal García - 2019 - Global Bioethics 30 (1):19-27.
    Health has an important role in the achievement of a good quality of life. Many public policies intended to enhance individual and population health. Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach (CA) offers a framework to assess well-being, as well as interventions seeking to increase it. There are, however, important practical challenges that must be faced before applying CA to concrete situations, such as health. One of these challenges is defining whether it is functioning or a capability that is the feature to be (...)
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    The Affordable Care Act and Recent Reforms: Policy Implications for Equitable Mental Health Care Delivery.Joelle Robertson-Preidler, Manuel Trachsel, Tricia Johnson & Nikola Biller-Andorno - 2020 - Health Care Analysis 28 (3):228-248.
    Controversy exists over how to ethically distribute health care resources and which factors should determine access to health care services. Although the US has traditionally used a market-based private insurance model that does not ensure universal coverage, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the United States aims to increase equitable access to health care by increasing the accessibility, affordability, and quality of health care services. This article evaluates the impact of the ACA on equitable mental health care delivery (...)
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