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    Investigating the visual span in comparative search: the effects of task difficulty and divided attention.Eyal M. Reingold & Jiye Shen - 2001 - Cognition 81 (2):57-67.
  2.  27
    Area activation: a computational model of saccadic selectivity in visual search.Marc Pomplun, Eyal M. Reingold & Jiye Shen - 2003 - Cognitive Science 27 (2):299-312.
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  3. Peripheral and parafoveal cueing and masking effects on saccadic selectivity in a gaze-contingent window paradigm.Eyal M. Reingold & Jiye Shen - unknown
    The present study employed the gaze-contingent window paradigm to investigate parafoveal and peripheral cueing and masking effects on saccadic selectivity in a triple-conjunction visual search task. In the cueing conditions, the information shown outside the gaze-contingent window was restricted to the feature or feature pair shared between the target and a particular distractor type. In the masking conditions, no stimulus features were shown outside the window. Significant cueing and masking effects on saccadic selectivity were observed for saccades directed at items (...)
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  4. ELIZABETH S. SPELKE (MIT) Children's use of geometry and landmarks to reorient in an open space, 119±148 JENNY R. SAFFRAN (University of Wisconsin±Madison) Words in a sea of sounds: the output of infant statistical learning, 149±169 Brief articles. [REVIEW]Marc Pomplun, Eyal M. Reingold, Jiye Shen, Vittorio Girotto, Markus Kemmelmeier, Dan Sperber, Jean-Baptiste van der Henst, Edward Munnich, Barbara Landau & Barbara Anne Dosher - 2001 - Cognition 81 (249):249-251.
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