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  1. Wang Yang-Ming, Chu hsi, and the investigation of things.Jig-Chuen Lee - 1987 - Philosophy East and West 37 (1):24-35.
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    Causal condition, causal asymmetry, and the counterfactual analysis of causation.Jig-Chuen Lee - 1986 - Synthese 67 (2):213 - 223.
    In a recent paper Causal Asymmetry, Douglas Ehring has proposed an intriguing solution to the vexing problem of causal asymmetry. The aim of this paper is to show that his theory is not satisfactory. Moreover, the examples that I use in showing the defect of Ehring's theory also indicate that the counterfactual analysis of causation has a problem that cannot be remedied by Marshall Swain's suggested refinement of the counterfactual analysis of causation in Causation and Distinct Events.
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    How Tai Chen differs from the Neo-Confucianists on Li.Jig-Chuen Lee - 1991 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 18 (4):395-409.
  4.  22
    Frege's Paradox of Reference and Castañeda's Guise Theory.Jig-Chuen Lee - 1984 - Philosophical Studies 46 (3):403 - 415.
  5.  26
    Must a Cause Be Contingently Related to Its Effects?Jig-Chuen Lee - 1979 - Canadian Journal of Philosophy 9 (2):289 - 298.
    Most writers on causation have distinguished causal relations or natural necessities from mere correlations or accidental generalizations. I shall assume that this is a valid distinction. However, a "Dogma" of empiricism has been that natural necessity does not amount to logical necessity and that causes are contingently related to effects. In this paper I shall argue that this Dogma is mistaken.
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    On Mackie's Solution To The Problem of Causal Asymmetry.Jig-Chuen Lee - 1984 - Philosophical Inquiry 6 (2):136-143.
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    The Nontransitivity of Causation.Jig-Chuen Lee - 1988 - American Philosophical Quarterly 25 (1):87 - 94.
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