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Jessica Elizabeth Locke
Loyola University Maryland
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    Training the Mind and Transforming Your World: Moral Phenomenology in the Tibetan Buddhist Lojong Tradition.Jessica Locke - 2018 - Comparative and Continental Philosophy 10 (3):251-263.
    ABSTRACTThis article analyzes the moral-psychological stakes of Jay Garfield's reading of Buddhist ethics as moral phenomenology and applies that thesis to the pedagogical mechanisms of the Tibetan Buddhist lojong tradition. I argue that moral phenomenology requires that the practitioner work on a part of her subjectivity not ordinarily accessible to agential action: the phenomenological structures that condition experience. This makes moral phenomenology a highly ambitious ethical project. I turn to lojong as an example of a Buddhist practice that claims to (...)
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    Being In-Between and Becoming Undone: Bardos, Heterotopias, and Nepantla.Jessica Locke - 2020 - Journal of Speculative Philosophy 34 (2):113-140.
    In this article I examine views of groundlessness that appear in three very different philosophical traditions: bardo teachings in Tibetan Buddhism, Michel Foucault's heterotopia, and Gloria Anzaldúa's nepantla. While each of these concepts is formulated in response to specific psychological, philosophical, and political questions, I argue that they each describe—in intimate, first-personal terms—experiences of rupture or dissolution of one's own selfhood and/or thought. Using this formulation of groundlessness as a lens for reading these three concepts alongside one another, I offer (...)
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    The Varied Trajectories of Engaged Buddhism: New Works on Buddhist Environmental Ethics, Interdependence, and Racial Karma.Jessica Locke - 2022 - Journal of Religious Ethics 50 (1):147-166.
    Journal of Religious Ethics, Volume 50, Issue 1, Page 147-166, March 2022.
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    Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad in Conversation with Bruce Janz, Jessica Locke, and Cynthia Willett.Bruce B. Janz, Jessica Locke, Cynthia Willett & Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad - 2019 - Journal of World Philosophies 4 (2):124-153.
    Bruce Janz, Jessica Locke, and Cynthia Willett interact in this exchange with different aspects of Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad’s book Human Being, Bodily Being. Through “constructive inter-cultural thinking”, they seek to engage with Ram-Prasad’s “lower-case p” phenomenology, which exemplifies “how to think otherwise about the nature and role of bodiliness in human experience”. This exchange, which includes Ram-Prasad’s reply to their interventions, pushes the reader to reflect more about different aspects of bodiliness.
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    In It Together: Theorizing Collective Karma through Transformative Justice.Jessica Locke - 2021 - Journal of Speculative Philosophy 35 (4):305-322.