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    Value congruence: The interplay of individual and organizational value systems. [REVIEW]Jeanne M. Liedtka - 1989 - Journal of Business Ethics 8 (10):805 - 815.
    This paper focuses on the individual manager making difficult decisions within the context of the organization in which he or she is a member. It proposes a method for examining the interplay of individual and corporate value systems, offering a value congruence model. Hypotheses are generated concerning the varying nature of the value conflicts faced by managers. These are then evaluated based upon interview data from a cross-section of managers in two organizations. The impact of differing organizational value systems is (...)
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    Feminist Morality and Competitive Reality: A Role for an Ethic of Care?Jeanne M. Liedtka - 1996 - Business Ethics Quarterly 6 (2):179-200.
    A language of care and relationship-building has recently appeared with prominence in the business literature, driven by the realities of the marketplace. Thus, it seems a propitious time to reflect on a decade of writing in feminist morality that has focussed on the concept of an ethic of care, and examine its relevance for today’s business context. Is the idea of creating organizations that “care” just another management fad that subverts the essential integrity of concepts of ethical caring? Conversely, are (...)
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    Exploring Ethical Issues Using Personal Interviews.Jeanne M. Liedtka - 1992 - Business Ethics Quarterly 2 (2):161-181.
    This paper argues that the personal interview method is particularly appropriate for the kind of exploratory and complicated theory-buiIding research that ethical decision-making, as a topic, represents at present. In doing so, it examines the key tasks of the ethics researcher, the suitability of interviews for obtaining the kind of data needed to accomplish these tasks, and the ensuing problems faced by the interview methodologist. It concludes with suggestions for enhancing the validity and reliability of interview-based ethics research.
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    When Values Collide: Value Conflict in American Health Care.Jeanne M. Liedtka - 1991 - Business and Professional Ethics Journal 10 (3):3-28.
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