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    Some principles related to Chang's conjecture.Hans-Dieter Donder & Jean-Pierre Levinski - 1989 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 45 (1):39-101.
    We determine the consistency strength of the negation of the transversal hypothesis. We also study other variants of Chang's conjecture.
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    Filters and large cardinals.Jean-Pierre Levinski - 1995 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 72 (2):177-212.
    Assuming the consistency of the theory “ZFC + there exists a measurable cardinal”, we construct 1. a model in which the first cardinal κ, such that 2κ > κ+, bears a normal filter F whose associated boolean algebra is κ+-distributive ,2. a model where there is a measurable cardinal κ such that, for every regular cardinal ρ < κ, 2ρ = ρ++ holds,3. a model of “ZFC + GCH” where there exists a non-measurable cardinal κ bearing a normal filter F (...)
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    Regularity of Ultrafilters and the Core Model.Hans-Dieter Donder, Peter Koepke, Jean-Pierre Levinski & D. J. Walker - 1990 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 55 (3):1313-1315.
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    On the existence of strongly normal ideals overP κ λ.Donna M. Carr, Jean-Pierre Levinski & Donald H. Pelletier - 1990 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 30 (1):59-72.
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