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    An incomplete set of shortest descriptions.Frank Stephan & Jason Teutsch - 2012 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 77 (1):291-307.
    The truth-table degree of the set of shortest programs remains an outstanding problem in recursion theory. We examine two related sets, the set of shortest descriptions and the set of domain-random strings, and show that the truth-table degrees of these sets depend on the underlying acceptable numbering. We achieve some additional properties for the truth-table incomplete versions of these sets, namely retraceability and approximability. We give priority-free constructions of bounded truth-table chains and bounded truth-table antichains inside the truth-table complete degree (...)
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    Immunity and Hyperimmunity for Sets of Minimal Indices.Frank Stephan & Jason Teutsch - 2008 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 49 (2):107-125.
    We extend Meyer's 1972 investigation of sets of minimal indices. Blum showed that minimal index sets are immune, and we show that they are also immune against high levels of the arithmetic hierarchy. We give optimal immunity results for sets of minimal indices with respect to the arithmetic hierarchy, and we illustrate with an intuitive example that immunity is not simply a refinement of arithmetic complexity. Of particular note here are the fact that there are three minimal index sets located (...)
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    On the Turing degrees of minimal index sets.Jason Teutsch - 2007 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 148 (1):63-80.
    We study generalizations of shortest programs as they pertain to Schaefer’s problem. We identify sets of -minimal and -minimal indices and characterize their truth-table and Turing degrees. In particular, we show , , and that there exists a Kolmogorov numbering ψ satisfying both and . This Kolmogorov numbering also achieves maximal truth-table degree for other sets of minimal indices. Finally, we show that the set of shortest descriptions, , is 2-c.e. but not co-2-c.e. Some open problems are left for the (...)
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